Lucy Hale Flexes her Pipes at VIP Showcase in Nashville

5 Nov

She’s hard at work on her debut album, and on Monday (November 4), Lucy Hale gave a group of eager fans a first listen at her impressive pipes!

The “Pretty Little Liars” star was front and center at a VIP showcase at the Patron Lounge in Nashville, Tennessee where she gave the audience a sneak peek at some of her latest work.

Lucy is taking part in her first ever CMA week and it looks like she is excited to be in the southern state, as she tweeted, “what a dayyyy. alright I’m off to bed. So happy to wake up in my favorite city in the world for the rest of the week…nashhhhvilllle.”

Back in June of 2012 it was announced that Hale had signed a record deal with Hollywood Records. In an interview about her progress, the Tennessee-born beauty says she is “thrilled” and “couldn’t be more happy” about her latest journey.

See what else she had to say, and check out a few snippets of her upcoming tunes, in the player below!

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