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“Code Babes” Is Everything Wrong With Tech Culture—Plus Strippers

26 Apr

"Code Babes" Is Everything Wrong With Tech Culture—Plus Strippers

The internet is buzzing right now with the latest, greatest (and potentially fake) Worst Thing Ever. Meet Code Babes, the stripping amalgam of everything that’s wrong with tech culture today.

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Holy crap, watch this man narrowly escape getting hit by a train

22 Apr

Holy crap, watch this man narrowly escape getting hit by a train

This 77-year-old man from the Czech Republic has never been luckier. As he foolishly scurries across a train track, the man mis-times his walk and almost gets killed by a speeding train. The train comes so close to hitting him on the tracks that it actually does. His foot is clipped by the train and you can see one of his shoes fly across the video. Judging by how fast his shoe is catapulted, you can imagine what would have happened to the rest of his body if he was half a step slower.

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Everything We Know About the Army’s Uncanny Chatbots

19 Apr

Everything We Know About the Army's Uncanny Chatbots

Sgt. Star is the U.S. Army’s dedicated marketing and recruitment chatbot, and he isn’t going to turn whistleblower any time soon. There’s no use threatening him for answers either—he’s programmed to report that kind of hostility to the Army Criminal Investigation Division.

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Honeywell’s Bluetooth Air Purifier Knows When Your Allergies Are Bad

18 Apr

Honeywell's Bluetooth Air Purifier Knows When Your Allergies Are Bad

It’s allergy season, and if you’ve got ’em, you’re dying right now. Honeywell’s new Bluetooth-enabled Air Purifier talks uses your smartphone’s internet connection to monitor allergy reports and help you keep those sniffles under control.

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Apple allegedly teaming up with Shazam for song-identification feature in iOS 8

17 Apr

Come iOS 8, you might soon be able to ask your iPhone what song is playing and get an answer. Apple is reportedly prepping an update to Siri that will enable music identification. Instead of rolling their own music ID software and library, however, Apple is doing as they’ve done with many Siri features and partnering with an existing force in the space — in this case, music ID powerhouse Shazam.

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Temple Run 2 update bounds forth with Easter theme, cloud syncing

16 Apr

Temple Run 2 has a colorful new update for Easter! Players can now unlock bunny ears for their various endless-running heroes, and collect eggs rather than coins on their route. Besides the holiday theme, Temple Run 2 has also added cloud saving support, which is hugely important when playing between your iPhone and iPad. At the end of every run, there’s also a new wheel spin that potentially provides you with new power-ups (including some limited-time Easter holiday artifacts).

Temple Run 2 remains one of the most popular endless runners out there, thanks to breakneck speeds, polished 3D graphics, and a certain goofy charm. Temple runners, what’s your high score?

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